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October 2017

ELIV 2017: Advanced Telematic Systems presents secure OTA technology based on the Uptane security framework

OTA Plus v3 supports map updates and comes with new dashboard functions

Berlin software company ATS Advanced Telematic Systems has introduced its secure over-the-air software updates at the international VDI Congress Electronics In Vehicles (ELIV). The company has recently become known for its collaboration with the Uptane research association, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop security standards, particularly for the future of the automotive industry. These cutting-edge security standards underpin ATS products, such as the enterprise solution OTA Plus, which is now in its third version, as well as the OTA cloud platform ATS Garage.

“With Uptane, we have integrated the most efficient security framework available into our products to defend against attacks on updates for connected vehicles. Our development team has used the latest technology to provide the highest possible protection for secondary ECUs, such as securing vehicle control units that are fitted out with minimal computing resources,” said Arthur Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at ATS. "With the 3rd version of our enterprise solution OTA Plus, we’re supporting map updates, which are essential for automated and semi-automated driving.”


OTA Plus v3: High-level security through open standards


ATS has launched its latest development, OTA Plus v3, at the international VDI ELIV Congress (Electronics In Vehicles) – one of the most important global industry events for automotive electronics. To meet new requirements for electronic map stock, in view of the rapid development of semi-automated and automated systems, ATS has introduced a map update function into OTA Plus v3. Offline signing of updates is supported by the Uptane framework to ensure the highest possible data integrity and authenticity. Based on this concept, the map updates can be hosted unchanged on the respective map servers. New functions have been added to the completely re-worked dashboard, which enables seamless monitoring of planned and running update campaigns, and lays the foundation for internal reporting. In a market environment that has previously been dominated by proprietary products, ATS has based its secure software solutions on open-source technologies and open standards, setting itself apart from other suppliers. Alongside its work with Uptane, ATS is also a part of international standardization groups, such as the international automotive industry alliance GENIVI. In close cooperation with the Daimler- and Toyota-supported Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) working group, the company works to establish industry-wide standards from the latest developments.

Now available: Report on legal questions surrounding wireless software updates for connected vehicles

Legislators are increasingly calling for OTA software updates to be made compulsory for vehicles. However, up to now there have been no clear-cut, not to mention standardized, international laws for wireless software updates in connected vehicles. A new report from ATS offers an overview of the existing and planned legislative and standardization measures in the realm of “over-the-air” updates. The 19-page study is available for free, and exists to support decision-makers in the automotive industry in the planning of sustainable OTA strategies. 

About ATS Advanced Telematic Systems


ATS Advanced Telematic Systems is a German automotive-focused software company specializing in open source and open standards-based software solutions for the mobility industry. ATS developed OTA Plus, the only open source client/server solution for over-the-air software updates for OEMs and Tier1s. ATS collaborates with international industry alliances of leading automotive OEMs and suppliers. It is the first cloud-only service provider to be accepted into the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), leads the OTA activities inside GENIVI and is a member of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). Headquartered in Berlin, ATS operates a regional hub in Tokyo.


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